The ultimate guide for Nha Trang: Things to do in 2024

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The city of Nha Trang in Vietnam is a thrilling starting point for my adventure.

White, sandy beach with a view facing Vinpearl at Nha Trang City centre.

Snagging a flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Nha Trang won’t break the bank—it’s often cheaper than hopping on a domestic flight within Malaysia!

Russians seem to be everywhere in Nha Trang—you might think you’ve landed in Moscow instead! It’s quite a sight to see Russian signboards and tour agencies here. Jokes aside, are Russians planning to escape their cold, bleak winter for the sunny coast of Vietnam?

Signs written in Russian are everywhere in Nha Trang.

As a solo traveller, I find Nha Trang to be both relaxing and incredibly social. Balancing these two aspects can be tricky, but Nha Trang offers the perfect mix of both.

Through Couchsurfing, I was lucky to cross paths with Lukas. Lukas and I had an amazing evening at a local Vietnamese stall. We talked about cultural differences between Malaysia and Germany, and also had so many good laugh 🙂

When I arrive at a new place, I like to hop on my “Number 11” bus to explore the town on foot (lol). It gives me a taste of the town’s overall vibe, helps me understand how payments work, and gives me a glimpse into the local culture and people.

Nha Trang is truly a city that engages all five senses. Here, you’ll find your senses filled with the vibrant sounds and excitement of the city. I’ve prepared a list of things to do in Nha Trang, which seamlessly aligns with people of different budgets.

Things to do in Nha Trang?


1. Ponagar Cham Tower

If you’re someone who loves to learn the history and geographical facts in a new place, then you have to visit Ponagar Cham Tower. The entrance fee is affordable, VND40,000 (approx 1 USD), and you can spend the whole morning in the temple.

This ancient is very interesting to me as it stands for a testament to the Cham Civilization (one of the richest civilizations in human history)

Upon entering the temple, you’ll see a main tower, and other towers surrounding the main tower. The main tower is dedicated to Lady Ponagar, which stands for the tallest and most significant structure in the complex.

In the main tower, you may notice the depiction of Buddha with a darker skin tone which is referred to as “Black Buddha”. The colour black can symbolize wisdom, compassion, and the attainment of enlightenment in the Buddhist tradition.

Therefore, depicting Buddha with darker skin may be a symbolic representation of these qualities rather than a literal depiction of race or ethnicity. Note: to respect the local culture and people, no picture were taken during the visits to the buddha’s chamber.

2. Visit the beach and enjoy the coastline

Nha Trang is a coastal city. It is a perfect introduction to exploring Nha Trang by checking out the beach. It is incredible.

The most popular area is Tran Phu beach which is nearby a lot of guesthouses and resorts which is also near to the accommodation that i stayed. It is worth to note that you may see a lot of chairs and table available but the location charges a minimum spend in exchange for a space to chill and leave your belongings while you go swimming. However it wouldn’t be expensive and I felt it is much safer and have a peace of mind while going for a refreshing swim on the white sandy beach.

3. Take a cable car to Vinpearl to see the sunset

A typical return ticket to Vinpearl costs around VND20,000 from the hostel that I stayed however I found it way cheaper to book directly from klook. It is noteworthy that most physical platform that sells the ticket to Vinpearl is usually overpriced. However, the sunset is phenomenal, if you are a traveller with little budget, I highly recommend you to take a ride to their cable car and enjoy the sunset. I’ll leave the link here. Note: For transparency purpose, this is an affiliate link, by that means when you make a purchase with the link, a tiny commission will be contributed to the author.

4. Spend a day snorkeling

Nha Trang is known for its unbeatable underwater wonders that you cannot miss. You can book snorkelling tour tickets via the hostel counter or Klook, both of which offer a competitive price. A typical snorkelling trip cost around 20-40USD while you may also get a better price by testing your bargaining stills with the roadside stalls selling tour tickets. For a more convenience option, you make also book it here. Not only that it includes land transport fee, it also brings you to Nha Trang Bay, one of the world most popular snorkelling spot. The guide speak very good english, so you may also learn how to snorkel on the site.


1. Walking street and night market – 46 Tran Phu Street

All of your senses will be occupied in this market. For me, I find it overwhelming yet exciting as the deeper I go into the market, the more new things I unfold.

This night market is the best place for travellers to stock up on popular gifts for their loved ones. Just like most other marketplaces in Vietnam, this market also sells clothes at a very low price. However, it is also important to keep a positive attitude while attempting to bargain at a reasonable price.

2. Beach Club and have a sunset swim

Nha Trang is home to one of the finest beaches in Vietnam. In the evening, it is especially great to chill by the beach bar along the coastline and enjoy a beer or two. As mentioned earlier, how beach bar works is that they usually have a minimum spending to reserve a seat.

3. Bondi Backpackers rooftop bar (for solo travellers)

It was the highlight of my trip in Nha Trang. Bondi Backpackers is not only a hostel but they also have a rooftop bar for backpackers to chitchat and establish new connection with other travellers. If you’re extroverted and eager to meet new people Bondi Backpackers is where you should be going at night. It is chill, and the music is not too loud and the best part? At the bar, you’re able to sit with approximately 10 travellers and have some table games and chat away with each other.

Plus, the drinks are super cheap and a typical can of beer costs less than 1 USD.

As a solo traveller myself, I met so many other travellers in this bar. Also if you attempt to walk to bondi backpackers, the roads might seem sketchy and makes you wonder if your’re going in the right direction, rest assured once you arrive the building, just head straight up to 7 floor and you’ll start to hear music and people chatting.

4. Altitude Rooftop Bar

If you have more budget in this trip i do recommend you to go altitude rooftop bar, it has the finest city view of nha trang and it will be a great way to chill and have a drink of two, all while enjoying an amazing view.

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